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This is a web Site for people looking for help and support in dealing with the Department of Social Services Abuse and other types of abuse.

If you had your child, children unjustly taken away or even know of someone that has had this happen to them and want to fight not only for the rights of your child, but also your own rights, Then this is the Support you need.

Support Group Coming on line for familiesagainstabuse. com

See future notices and please feel welcome to join, get involved,meetings to change the rules that make it easy, stop the bonus's the department of social services get and the foster parents get for taken away our children.

Children in foster homes get college tuition with the new bill being pushed, But what about the less fortunate families or the low income, I say do you have to become a foster to get the same rights, Let your voice count, here's Your chance to speak out or take a chance on your child becoming a ward of the state for the Bonus's the department thrives on for taking our children away.

Please be there, The State House is located in Boston, Mass . Please see Future notices as They become available to Me. stop the bonus's the department of social services gets for taken away our children from good parents;

If it hasn't already it could happen to you and your children;

Stand up for the rights of our children and good parents that get their children taken away for asking for help, illness, bonus's and or the retribution. Children are not for sale; Please if this hasn't already this could happen to you and your Children.

Forget the rules that make it easy, get involved for the love of all children who are waiting to count as we once were.

http://www.familiesagainstabuse.com Title-familiesagainstabuse.com Once again Protecting our Children and our Children's, Children; if you really want to see change then we need you. Hear the tears of the innocent child that is ripped from their parents arms, or taken straight from the school they once felt safe in.

Children are abused, molested, humiliated, and at times under fed, beaten and scared into keeping their mouth shut for fear that they will never see the home they once felt safe in, and yet the department of social services sweeps these things and more under the rug, But then we must not forget residential placements that children are placed in through the department of social services as some of these places use violent restraints, scare tactics, verbal and physical abuse as well as over drugging children on what they call medication to help them and then there are those that even give children the wrong drugs/medication over and over again, but yet it is again justified, covered up or excused over and over again.

I must say is it alright to Justify a lie because its the department of social services, a parent, a provider, or even some one like a residential home that takes an oath to care and provide for the child in their care, Remember people we are the parents and we have a God given right to protect our children, If we don't who truly will, The court systems are so over full with cases after cases of care and protection, and I'm not saying that some parents do not need their children to be taken for safety and/or abuse issues, because that would be far from the truth.

CHILDREN ARE taken away A GOOD PERCENTAGE OF THE TIME BASED on a LIE and with proof the department of social services has willingly covered it up, even with the truth right in their hands. I say if you know they have the proof, do the right and just thing give back our children who has unjustly taken them away, Stop the Cover Ups and the Bonus's.

If the department of social services takes a child away give the parent the training they ask for, as I only asked for help and then for the services as from the beginning of time, But instead I got my child stolen from me on a big lie, If your first instinct is not to trust a worker and/or supervisor go with your instinct and run the other way;

Trust in your self because, Honest to God they thrive on taken away children for the bonus's they get; Know Your rights get copies of all of your case notes, get copies of all of your child's records from Physicians, Psychologist from time to time as these are your rights. Make sure you keep phone records and documentation of conversations between you and your worker as well as incident reports in detail, as well as visits from your worker and what was said and so forth at the time of that visit from the worker as you never know it may save you and your child's life of heartache and misery.

I say give the family the services as any means to an end, the services that will reunite a family in good faith who is willing and capable of helping their child with outside help.

I had custody, adopting my brothers daughter at eight months old, ended up fighting a corrupt system Pro Se' I was pro Se on the case from November of 99 until February 16, 2001 at which time I finally got my niece back, since perjury meant nothing to others in the profession, And you know the Boston department of Social Services had the proof of all of the happenings as well and refused to give back my niece.

The foster care review person sat right there at the foster care review meeting in front of two attorney's, My Mother, the DSS worker and a person from out side,and said well with your illness you can't take care of your daughter anyway; The point is I was led to believe and treated for the aids virus not of my choice, as it turns out another big lie and cover up by those trusted in the system and yet because of this AIDS virus I genuinely believed I had and was treated for, the department of social services made up a big Lie and perjured their self in court not only because of this illness, But also because of an article I did in an effort to get my daughter the help in the respect that was recommended as also, the retribution the department felt justified in, my niece was kidnapped. I will not be afraid, I finally got my daughter back and rightfully so, as it took one month shy of two years and found out after this nightmare I never really had this death sentence called the AIDS VIRUS I was indeed persecuted for having. The end result. I got my daughter back, and here to help those who truly want my help and support.

Will you stand up for the rights of your child, children and your self.

Go to the State House, your State Representative, Senator or whomever you need to, and let your voice count, Help change the rules that make it easy, Reform the department of social services. Help those who are always ready and willing to learn.

The department of social services took my niece away while I was waiting for her to come home from school on the bus for our family counseling, and frantically I called the school and the bus company looking for my niece, wondering if she was abducted, and you know what she was by the Department of Social Services.

Parents I can't stress enough make sure you write a letter to the children's principle and the teacher telling them under no circumstance is your child allowed to leave with anyone without a written note from you as the department used the law and perjury to take my daughter for the bonus's they thought they would get, not realizing that I would fight back so hard and get the proof of their lies.

Just think if this hasn't already happened to you and your children there is always that yet and if it has already then that's even more of a reason to be heard. Please Get Involved and take back our right to care.

Please put the fear away and put your trust and faith in God and the people that are willing to hold your hand, Trust me, Your not alone anymore if you choose not to be.

Stand up for the Love of our Children as we once were. I say be a Victim no more. Your only alone when? if you choose to be,so forget the Rules that make it easy and fight for your rights to Care. Thanking you in advance;

Sincerely, Audrey S. Paskell,
http:www.familiesagainstabuse.com E-mail address- jpaskell1990@wmconnect.com Please see future updates as they become available to me, and Thank You In advance for your support. We will accept support in any and all forms as one has available, and or willing to offer, and again Thank You; Strictly for the cause. Audrey S. Paskell 978-537-3201

Last Updated: March 9, 2016