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We the Undersigned parents believe the changes needed are as follows:
  1. There must be an independent ombudsman's office outside of the social services.
  2. parents must have due process before a child is taken a way, innocent until proven guilty by the courts.
  3. their must be someone from out side over seeing the social services in all area's as also an independent agency with the power to prosecute which over sees any complaints of abuse and/or neglect upon children by social services. As hearings on complaints must also be heard by an independent agency with the power to prosecute.
  4. Parents must have a right to know what psychiatric or medical drugs their child is being placed on as well as the legal right to refuse treatment they feel can harm their child at any given time and at all times shall have parental rights as long as they are willing to grow and change the errors of their ways and/or are not proven to be a threat to the child/children by the courts.
  5. Parent's must have a right to know where their child is being placed at all time as long as they are not proven to be a threat to the child by the courts and/or an independent investigator.
  6. Parents must have a right to interview the placement before the transition takes place and have all policies and procedures prior as well and should; have the right to see the credential's and qualifications of foster parent's to say whether they feel the placement is or is not adequate for their child again as long as they are not proven to be a threat to the child.
  7. If the parent is being accused of some wrong doing they must not only have the right to face their accuser but also have a right to a full investigation from someone outside of the department of social services.
  8. There must also be more programs put in place for parents who are not educated in parenting but are willing and able to learn.
  9. The social services must not receive any bonus's of any kind for placing/adopting out children and if the department wants to give college tuition's to children they will not single the children to only foster children as this is labeling them once again, their are unfortunate children all over the place.
  10. Social Workers must have background checks done on them in every state not only for background checks but also for complaints against them to see whether they were ever substantiated and so forth.
  11. Parents must have a voice in and out of the court systems,( whether they have an attorney or not.) For the rights of our children first and foremost and then the rights of parents who are also waiting to count;
  12. Children are also being over drugged in a lot of these places , Parents must have a right to take their child/children to someone of their choice for an independent medical/psychiatric examination when they disagree with the treatment given to the children and/or have suspicions of maltreatment/abuse medical or otherwise to evaluate the child even if it means the child's own pediatrician.
  13. The department must not have the right to tell a parent well we have the custody and we make the decisions, a parent will still have legal custody and all parental rights (ie) a right to make decisions at the interest of the child, while the department retains physical custody for treatment purposes only.
  14. It is hereby mandated when the Department of Social Services receives a call with such complaints of abuse whether it be of a Parent, Care Taker, friend, relative, or some other person the Department of Social Services will hereby investigate within Twenty Four Hours, and having completed the said investigation within Seventy Two Hours of the complaint/51A filed against the alleged perpetrator/abuser and will further follow and except any and all reports from hospitals, clinics, pediatricians into evidence of the child involved as a means to file a report to the police Department who will then carry out and further make all appropriate actions.
  15. A Parent shall not be accused of filing false reports against a spouse as all reports of abuse shall be treated under the laws as innocent until proven guilty,and will further refer any suspected false reports to an independent investigative office for further evaluation.
  16. Parents shall not lose custody in any form of a child/children at any time while an investigation is in process with due process unless the said child is in imminent danger and then only with a court order on an emergency basis may a child be removed from their Mother;
  17. Adding to GL.119 s1 be it known the department of Social Services will encourage and enhance visitation on a regular basis to maintain and strengthen the bond of family life except when to do so is proven to be detrimental to the said child in proven cases of abuse.
  18. The Government shall in no way enhance, encourage, or support the fathers right agenda for the purpose of gaining custody through the Department of Social Services and/or any other Government Agency/Official.
  19. Any and all Social Worker's, Super Visor's, Area Directors and/or Government employee/Officials who is proven to willfully commit perjury, misrepresentation, falsely accuses a parent of neglect and/or abuse and/or does not follow proper policy's and procedure's, rules and regulations at the interest of the child/ren shall have no immunity to the laws but instead shall be made fully accountable for their actions for what ever they may be.
  20. It is hereby amended at the interest and the discretion of the family in question to here and now open the probate courts of families and children to the public to sit in and view the case at hand for no other purpose than to ensure the rights of all.
  21. Be it Amended in G.L. c119 s 22 where it states: An agent of the department shall visit each foster home, not supervised and approved by a licensed placement agency, at least once a year, is to be amended to instead visit a foster home as too residential centers once every single month with documentation of that visit, with no more than a hour notice to said foster homes and may be authorized by the department to remove a child to it's care if in it's judgment the welfare of the child or it's protection from neglect or abuse so require. An agent who is refused such entry, or who is hindered in the removal of such child, may make a complaint, on oath, to a justice of the court having jurisdiction, who may thereupon issue a warrant authorizing him to obtain sufficient aid, and at any reasonable time enter the building designated, and any part thereof, to investigate the treatment and condition of a child found there and to remove such child as herein provided. The department shall take such child temporarily into it's care and forthwith notify the child's parents or legal guardian, and shall, upon request, discharge such child to it's parents or legal guardian. If the parent or legal guardian are unable or refuses to make suitable provisions for the child, the department shall make lawful provisions for its care under section twenty-three or twenty-four.
  22. Added to G.L. c 119 s 1: Be it Amended, When the goal is to reunify a family someone from outside of social services, an independent agency will over see that this over happens in a timely manner with all laws and regulations, policies and procedures being followed by an independent agency.

Parents, Advocates and all Care Takers this is our chance to make a difference for our children of the world; Please sign our petition as we are now in the process of having them turned into bill form for the Love of all Children and parents a like; We will be sending these petitions/bills to the President, The Vice President, The Governor, all Legislators and/or any one else we need to; As we Thank You In advance; Sincerely,

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